My own victory....

Last month I finally finish my exams for the "brevet fédéral".....



It was hard, nobody could tell the issue at the end...




But at the end, I have win and passed my exams with success !!!!!!




I'm happy :-)

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great! live fast die young...

Écrit par : hangy | 01/04/2007

Live fast with 30 HP to the ass.......!!

Écrit par : General | 01/04/2007

Live from Harvard The last exam has been Geneva custom !!! You win at 2nd attempt !!!! Great dude !!!

Écrit par : Ben | 02/04/2007

I'll do better next time....

Écrit par : General | 02/04/2007

Too easy No need, you have shown an extrem enthousiasm !!! Nothing can stop you !!!

Écrit par : Ben | 02/04/2007

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